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MCR Value Employability Test Certified Candidates
What is MCR VET?
MCR’s Value Employability Test accelerates students’ fitment and potential to be hired by top employers in the market. We provide a complete career assessment after testing the student’s aptitude, personality and skills in their domain of interest. Our meticulously detailed reports provide scores, analytics and a deep insight into the candidate’s industry readiness and employability level. MCR VET serves as the benchmark for uplifting students to solid industry standards.
MCR’s streamlined system blankets all necessary aspects of evaluation.
1) Knowledge Screening
MCR Screening facilities spread across different circles like engineering, aptitude, IT, language and communications etc.
Factors considered during assessment:

  • Analytical Abilities.
  • Ability to handle numbers.
  • Problem solving approach under time limitation.
  • Ability to transform conceptual models into real time systems.
  • Verbal and written communication skills.
  • Perceptive Abilities.
  • Ability to think laterally.
  • Ability to think creatively.
2) Domain Distinct Screening
Domain Distinct Screening is devised to measure the candidate’s grasp on grass root levels of knowledge in theory and application of those core concepts in their distinct branch of engineering specialization.
3) Psychometric Screening
Psychometric screening involves outlining various personality traits, mental health and emotional stability of potential employees in order to ascertain the readiness for a role they can fit in. This screening also helps companies effectively predict job behavior after selection of candidates in real world situations. Different personalities are befitting different job profiles and using the personality sketch of an individual, one can viably foresee if an academically or technically suitable candidate can perform in a particular role according to their personality type.
How MCR helps to analyze the factors in an individual, the Corporate Sector is looking for:

Factors for assessment MCR tests to assess the candidates
  • Ability to analyze
  • Ability to deal with numbers
  • Problem solving approach considering time duration
  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Domain specific and technical skills
  • Personality Analysis
  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • English Tests and usage
  • Engineering/domain specific tests
  • Psychometric Profiling
Why use us?
Campus recruitment is vital for companies who are looking for fresh and young talent to fill highly technical positions. When companies need highly skilled, resourceful manpower in cracking technologies, often new graduates offer that insight at low cost hence making it possible for the companies to invest in resources they can use with this fresh knowledge to strengthen and evolve.
Recruitment is a primary function for any company as it seeks fit, competent professionals to occupy the correct positions. The approach of relying on campus recruitment is relatively new but is one of the best ways to get the right resources for a company.
In today’s constantly demanding corporate world, imagine an employee combat-ready to fill a desired position for a company without requiring investing the company’s valuable time in a tedious orientation process. An employee fit to start work instantaneously. One who moulds himself to the company’s work ethics and shows results.
Now imagine thousands of such industry ready employees!
Yes. That is exactly what My Campus Recruitment offers you. MCR’s Value Employability Test (VET) is a standard barometer, a litmus test, per say to rest assured of an employee’s fitment to work in a corporate environment. Every candidate that has our seal of value is a powerhouse of resources with the right technical skills and the correct attitude.
We personally train students across campuses all over the nation to ensure their meeting the industry benchmarks and preparedness to take on responsibilities at an early stage. A fresh, qualified mind that is honed to perfection in all aspects be it anything from core technical knowledge to time and people management skills is nothing but an asset to its company. MCR is a congregator of such fresh minds across the country willing to work for you.
We have listed a few benefits of comprehensive online tests for you:
  • It reduces long term costs.
  • Gives feedback to user on the spot like scores or grades.
  • Provides flexibility in terms of timings and locations as being conducted over the internet.
  • Reduces chances of human errors in terms of making mistakes as marking capability of machine is much more reliable and error less than human's marking capability.
  • Comparatively requires very less physical space - millions of answer sheets stored on a data disk at server which requires less physical space than paper answer sheets.
  • Use of multimedia which makes test styles more interactive like use of flash, videos and images make questions more understandable
Thus, this kind of testing strategy can be used to test practical knowledge, inter personal skills, intelligence, logical skills, etc over the computer system with flexible timing.
With MCR VET Certified candidates, you can build a workforce to be reckoned with; a solid team of go getters, visionaries and enthusiastic professionals agile enough to meet any challenge thrown their way who will always deliver on every challenge with us turbo charging your quality of hire.
Cost Effective Tool
Reduce Recruitment Cost
For any company, recruitment is a consuming process. Landing the right candidate for the right position has proven to be a herculean task for hiring managers in recent times. Not to mention it is also radically challenging to a company’s cost in finances, manpower and time investment to manage a vast recruitment drive time and time again.
Research shows, at present, the top two methods to reduce recruitment costs are:
1. Take your Recruitment process Online
2. Adopt Pre-screening Assessments
Once you partner with My Campus Recruitment, you don’t have to sweat over your recruitment needs ever again. Our platform checks against both the above prerequisites for you. Apart from that, we understand and have mastered the art of placing the right candidate at right scene at right time. For this we work in close proximity with clients to study the organization & its business and conduct a thorough research by working closely with the management.
Team up with us where we make the entire process of recruitment a piece of cake for you.
Nationwide Reach in all Major cities and Tier II Cities
MCR has its roots spread all across the country. Students and campuses from every nook and corner of the nation have registered with us. As a result, you can tap into a mammoth pool of talent and reach far and wide across the nation to find the right kind of people for hire. Have the opportunity to explore a spectrum of well reputed engineering and management institutions and heighten the probability of getting a larger, more qualitative talent pool at lesser cost.
With us being your link to candidates this wide spread, you can be prepared to utilize an influx of recent graduates as well as qualified and experienced alumni. Like any hiring ramp-up, graduate recruitment shouldn’t be left for the last minute when this fresh talent is walking across the stage to receive their diploma. By this time, many grads have already been applying for positions and your competition has already scoped them out. Therefore, now is the time to join hands with MCR and expand your horizons in extensive proportions.
But it’s not just that!
We have students specializing in different domains to fit any required role for your company. We offer an assortment of preparation programs and are not restricted to one specific sector. We have nurtured potential employees from streams of education.
We offer candidates specialized in
1. Electrical Engineering
2. Mechanical Engineering
3. Computer Science Engineering
4. Information Technology
5. Civil Engineering
7. Advanced Java
8. Core Java
9. J2EE
10. Finance & Accounting
And Industry Limited Solutions like
1. IT Product
2. Core - Plant
3. Core - R & D
4. Analytics - KPO
5. IT Services
And the list is only ever expanding!
Free Multiple Job Posting with Guaranteed Responses
Yes you read it right. Posting jobs on our board is absolutely free of cost!
Do you know what that means?
You can post as many Job Requirements on My Campus Recruitment as you wish without spending a single buck out of your pockets. You can freely utilize our fully furnished database of ideal candidates and reap all the benefits we offer our clients.
And there’s more!
With the amount of students and colleges registered with us, the alumni and thousands of aspirants from all over the country, we can guarantee you responses to all your job posts.
Technological Advantages
MCR Superlative Test Engine
The highly advanced technology we use at My Campus Recruitment is a sign of our result oriented methodology. MCR Superlative Test Engine is a highly accurate and scalable Test Engine compatible with all browsers and can handle thousands of concurrent evaluations. This highly advanced engine surpasses any other by almost nullifying preparation time is test scheduling, score generation and overall process.
The top of the range algorithm is super efficient in handling instructions and can whip up required data in different formats. This allows us to obtain precise graphical analyses of tests, overall rankings, question and score analyses etc with least possible time delay.
Thus the company can access comprehensive multi level analytics to understand the credibility of the test as well as gauge the performance and behavior of the candidate and his overall ranking.
The analysis can be done at following levels,

• Section Based Question Analysis
• Section Based Marks Analysis
• Aggregate Mark Analysis
• Comparative Mark Analysis
• Overall Ranking
Connect Directly with Students
With MCR as an extensive platform to bridge the gap between companies and students, you can connect directly with them.
Smoothly coordinated exercise between college Training and Placement officer and us to ensure genuineness of students.
Brand Value Enhancement
MCR helps you be connected with the candidate and college throughout the hiring process. Customized branding SMS is sent the moment a job post is online.
• Multiply the number of eligible applicants
• Stimulate response towards pre-placement talk
Generate offer letters
Generate offer letters in within a day post hiring process.
• Lessen time and manual errors for individual letters
• Single click send to students filtered by college or stream
• Numerous offer letter formats
Question your applicants
Allows the company to shortlist students depending upon how they answer particular questions during applying for your job post.
• Shortlist based on Level of English Communication
• Spend time only on genuine candidates
Post campus training
Interact, on-board and train candidates before they start.
• Conduct quizzes, interactive sessions to analyze efficiency
• Share schedules and relevant documents with students
• Steady involvement positively affects joining proportions